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Headquartered in Montreal, QC, nuskule (new-school) is a private Canadian company focused on providing retail, distribution and publishing solutions to the educational market.

Whether it's distribution, an outsourced bookstore operation, e-book and course management solutions, single item orders or large accounts, Nuskule can help you with all of your educational needs.

Nuskule maintains relationships with all major US and Canadian publishers as well as other smaller publishers. We also work with other content providers and major e-book suppliers to help facilitate digitization efforts, obtain customized materials, validate desk copy requests for clients, obtain copyright clearance for course packs and procure rare and out of print materials.




8310 ch. de la Cote de Liesse
Saint-Laurent, QC H4T 1G7


(514) 289-1151


Areas of Expertise

Online store

We build, design, implement and manage an online branded store. We work with your team to stock and operate the store according to your needs and standards. All at no cost to you!

out of print materials

You’ve developed an entire course around your favourite economics textbook, which the publisher has declared out of print. Yikes! Don’t worry, we can work with the publisher to reprint the book, download the materials and get your course back on track.


With multiple ebook vendors covering almost every ebook in publication, we can offer your students lower cost options (and last minute purchases!) to help them accomplish their educational goals.

Support services

Whether is liaising with publishers or just providing timely information on inventory or order status, we can help you navigate the sometimes confusing world of support materials.

coursepacks / course notes

We can take your pile of notes, chapter excerpts and hand-drawn graphs, assemble them, clear the copyright and make them available for immediate download.


Some of our clients are just looking for a distributor to help procure items from a variety of sources. Reduce the cost and confusion of importing products, unforseen brokerage fees and get clarity on costs.


When you have 200 students who need to purchase a textbook, why take a chance by sending them to any online retailer?