OCTOBER 1, 2018:
"Nuskule begins expansion with Series A second stage financing round”

JUNE 1, 2018:
"Nuskule begins its 20th year of operations and closes out the previous fiscal year with record
sales and order fulfillment numbers - thanks to all of our customers and clients!"

SEPTEMBER 15, 2017:
"AHDI uses Nuskule to get their books to Canadian students"

DECEMBER 15, 2016:
"Nuskule signs an agreement with Vitalsource providing access to over 1 million e-book titles"

NOVEMBER 7, 2016:
"Nuskule deploys SSL certificates across all pages for all websites for a safer and more secure online experience"

NOVEMBER 1, 2016:
"Nuskule processes new orders paid for by ApplePay!"

SEPTEMBER 1, 2016:
"ApplePay coming to Nuskule bookstores this Fall"

APRIL 1, 2016:
"Check out the new redesign at textnet.ca - now accepting PayPal, Amex and Visa Debit!"

MARCH 1, 2016:
"University of Fredericton students have all kinds of new payment options at the bookstore!"

NOVEMBER 1, 2015:
"Nuskule relaunches the newly redesigned CityU Canada Bookstore!"

MAY 21, 2015:
"Textnet.ca hits a new milestone by shipping its 30,000th order!"

MARCH 17, 2015:
"Nuskule offers 2 new downloadable course lectures for students at Yorkville University"

FEBRUARY 15, 2015:
"WorkSafeBC uses Nuskule to help get course materials to their cleints."

JANUARY 15, 2014:
"Georgian College uses textnet.ca to get materials to their online students."

JULY 1, 2013:
"Nuskule is expanding - moves into 10,000 sq ft warehouse next to Montreal's Trudeau Airport"

DECEMBER 10, 2012:
"George Brown college uses Nuskule to help with textbook distribution for online students"

JUNE 1, 2012:
"Textnet.ca processes its 20,000th order"

JULY 15, 2011:
"The University of Fredericton moves to a new bookstore." 

JULY 1, 2011:
"The new Fairleigh-Dickinson University / Vancouver bookstore is now online!"

FEBRUARY 1, 2011:
"Nuskule now offers access to thousands of e-books and e-textbooks"

JANUARY 15, 2011:
"MCT post their textbook lists at textnet.ca"

NOVEMBER 15, 2010:
"Rocky Mountain College closes their physical bookstore and moves it entirely online"

AUGUST 15, 2010:
"Nuskule adds 2 more schools to its textbook distribution portfolio for the Fall 2010 session"

JANUARY 10, 2010:
"Nuskule makes coursepacks and online notes available for download."

OCTOBER 1, 2009:
"Bethany College calls on Nuskule to help with textbook distribution"

JUNE 15, 2009:
"Toronto's Academy of Fashion and Design uses Nuskule as their preferred bookstore"

MAY 1, 2009:
"Textnet.ca processes its 10,000th order"

NOVEMBER 1, 2008:
"Niagara College calls on Nuskule to help with distribution to their online students."

AUGUST 15, 2008:
"Nuskule selected to operate Canada's newest university bookstore for Meritus University"

APRIL 15, 2008:
"Nuskule expands into the US market with a unique bookstore solution for the John Marshall Law School of Atlanta."

APRIL 1, 2008:
"Nuskule is expanding into newer and larger office space."

DECEMBER 1, 2007:
"Adler School of Professional Psychology in Vancouver chooses Nuskule to help with textbook distribution."

OCTOBER 1, 2007:
"RCC Institute of Technology chooses Nuskule as their textbook provider."

SEPTEMBER 15, 2007:
"University of Fredericton calls on Nuskule to help with textbook distribution."

NOVEMBER 1, 2006:
"Yorkville College selects Nuskule to run their online bookstore."

JULY 1, 2006:
"City University of Seattle selects Nuskule to run their Canadian bookstore."

APRIL 1, 2006:
"Brainbutter.com becomes www.textnet.ca - Canada's textbook network!"

DECEMBER 1, 2005:
"Nuskule launches Cityubookstore.ca."

OCTOBER 17, 2005:
"Brainbutter.com records its 10,000th sale - tops $1 million in online sales!"

MARCH 30, 2005:
"Nuskule adds University of Phoenix Calgary to its list of partners."

OCTOBER 1, 2004:
"Nuskule launches University of Phoenix Canada bookstore."

JULY 15, 2004:
"ED*MAP selects Nuskule to help with University of Phoenix distribution."

MARCH 1, 2004:
"Yorkville University bookstore is set to go!"

NOVEMBER 1, 2003:
"Nuskule launches new beta bookstore website."

AUGUST 15, 2001:
Nuskule launches "TechBC bookstore - Canada's First Online Only University Bookstore."

FEBRUARY 12, 2000:
"Doing the dot-com" - CBC's The Money Show

DECEMBER 20, 1999:
"The Need to Take Risks" - Maclean's Magazine

JUNE 1, 1999:
"Nuskule begins operations"