Who is "Nuskule inc. 514-289-1151 QC"?

Do you have a credit card charge appearing as "Nuskule inc. 514-289-1151 QC"?

Don't worry! Nuskule runs a number of different online bookstores. If you purchased a book from any of the schools we serve, you were billed by Nuskule. 

If you have any questions about your charge, or if you are still having difficulty determining the charge from your invoice/receipt, please contact us either by phone (1-877-289-1151) or email (sales@nuskule.com). 

Thanks for your order!

Our Bookstores:

  • Textnet.ca
  • City University Canada Bookstore
  • Yorkville/RCC Bookstore
  • The Adler School of Psychology Bookstore
  • Fairleigh-Dickinson Bookstore
  • University of Fredericton Bookstore