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In 1999, Ed Wilson and a group of friends decided it was time to start offering students a choice about where they could buy their textbooks. Tired of the 2 hour line ups at the McGill bookstore, they offered students the option of purchasing their textbooks online, delivered right to their door. As the first online campus bookstore in Canada, Nuskule began serving students and delivering orders in the fall of 1999.

By 2001, they opened an office in Vancouver and began running Canada’s first online only campus bookstore for a school in Surrey, BC. Following this, they partnered with other institutions across Canada and began shipping orders to every province (and territory).

Subsequent years saw a rapid growth of online courses as enrolments grew and smaller traditional campus bookstores struggled with the influx of new students wanting an efficient way to order online. Nuskule partnered with a number of those smaller schools to help fulfill those orders and encourage the growth of online learning. Most of those schools from 15 years ago are still customers today!

By 2013, Nuskule had outgrown its second office and relocated to a warehouse across from the airport in Montreal. As daily shipping volumes had tripled and an expanded ebook catalog was offered, Nuskule began the next phase of growth.

2018 was a record year for us as we focused our attention on improving customer service and adding new products and features that made the purchasing experience easier and more efficient.


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The Team



Ed Wilson

Armed with his experience as an employee at the McGill bookstore, his technical passion, attention to detail and a few hundred dollars, Ed began Nuskule in a loft on Saint-Laurent Blvd in Montreal. In between dragging mail bags to the post office and breaking down pallets in the back parking lot, Ed realized that building this business would be a marathon - not a sprint. To this day, he spends each day looking at every order, dealing with each new opportunity as a way to improve his business and add fuel to this long-distance run.



operations manager

Kirishey Sivasubramaniam

Kirishey came to Nuskule as an Engineering graduate and quickly made her mark with laser-focused accuracy in the form of her amazing Excel skills and her ability to find why we were off by a penny on the days latest totals.



customer service

Lena Casacanditella

Lena is quick to help out with any customer enquiries or problems. When the book you need is out of stock, Lena will contact not only the publisher but also three other distributors to find the last copy.



Adam Waldbrook

Everything that leaves Nuskule is last touched by Adam’s magic hands. Packing 100 boxes is an after-thought for Adam as he manages deliveries, trucks and ISBN’s all in
a day’s work.



Michele Gamble


Inventory and Logistics Support

Caroline Hanna